Throwback Cosplay


I was trying to get my pics out of my tablet to see post them here online, but then i found this. This is basicly the first costume I worked on. (Optimus Prime on the left) I remember painting the armory and metalic the flames by hand. I also remember I was in the coustume as my friend drilled parts into me. Talk about a heart attack there was times that the drill bit was a quarter inch close to ┬ámy skin. But I’m not the wearer, my brother is, aka Daniel Prime. I have more work than This Btw I this was literaly my first try


Macgyver orgins

Well the other day Macgyver was being filmed, and I know who Macgyver is… He’s the home alone kid grown up! Thats how he got his start, the goverment was like Child prodigy we need that! But we can’t send him in now he’s a mere child, wait for his balls to drop”You know like the way the goverment states thing on letters. But its not Macaulay Culkin its someone else… Macaulay, Macgyver I see what they did there… I appreciate it… Hold up let me check his characters name on home alone as I have on paragraph thoughts… Google my friend… Kevin McCallister, there with two “C’s” two be fancy, interesting. It would be K if it was a Kardashian. It sounded like destiny but the Culk looks like he went thru the ringer. He still has that boyish face he just needs to wash it or something. Well we learned today how life is ironic and I hate ironic stuff. Well I didnt say that i just added that last bid in. … I heard these are good

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